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  • Flying Shots
  • Floating Boat
  • Hawa Hawai
  • Educational-Bag
  • Chhuk chhuk gadi
  • Sports Bike
  • Star Wars
  • Safari Pops
  • Wow Uncle
  • Rugby Balls

A Little Something For Everyone.

Toy Candies and lollipops are everybody's Funtime, To make it more alive and trendy Funtime Food is in the industry of manufacturing toy candy and repacking toy candy with attractive packaging style.

As a confectionery, Funtime is one of the most prominent manufacturers of high & Hygienic quality of the toy candy. Funtime ought to make every kid's childhood fun filling and candilicious. In addition, we offer an enticing range of enjoyable toy candy in jaw-dropping packaging. Toy Candy manufacturer in india

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Shop Funtime Toys for your kids.
  • Walky-Talkie
  • Mr Joy
  • Meow
  • Spin Hand
  • Jocker Cycle
  • Meow Dancing

Sweetness Counts

Our toy candies are as sweet just like a kid, not over sugary just a little mysterious.

Take a surprising swing

Toy candies that are filled with lots of surprises, let it overwhelm your child.

That’s Rich

Our toy candies have a rich taste. It doesn’t let your tongue go sticky.

The smile Maker

The toy candies are repacked in such a stunning way that it brings the smile on your face instantly.

Pure Indulgence

Transparency builds a unique bond with the consumer and that makes our time fun-filled. We have an open book of business policy without anything hidden. This is what builds a strong trust bond with our whole network right from distribution to employees, management team, retailers and consumers.Toy Candy manufacturer in india

Powerful Manufacturing & Repacking

We are one of the hit lists of the manufacturing of toy candy with stunning repacking. Our enticing range of fun filled toy candy, lollipops & other delightful products let the children enjoy their childhood filled with lots of love and surprises. We deliver jaw dropping packaging that makes any child go crazy.Toy Candy manufacturer in india

Delivering Responsibly

We understand the sense of waiting eagerly for the amazing surprise that a child wants. Keeping this in mind, we keep the promise of promptness and assures the availability of our product into the market and consumer's hands in the minimum timeline. Toy Candy manufacturer in india

Perfect Price

Competition is everywhere, so do we have. As the product is for consumers, we keep our products cost-effective, fun filled and to the point. We maintain our prices keeping retailers in mind with additional profit costs that wouldn't really affect the economic cycle.Toy Candy manufacturer in india

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